Just Works Productions (JWP) was founded in 2018 with a vision to create and promote music that uplifts the soul and unites people through love and inspiration. Our label was born out of a passion for Gospel hip-hop, Inspirational music, and a desire to share messages of hope and positivity with the world.

Our premiere artists, Precious Love and Nephew OD, embody the spirit of JWP and have been instrumental in shaping our unique sound. With their exceptional talent and dedication, they have brought our mission to life and helped establish JWP as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

At Just Works Productions, we believe in the power of music to heal, inspire, and bring people together. We are always on the lookout for artists who share our vision and have the right heart to join our family. Our goal is to provide a platform for passionate and talented musicians to shine, while staying true to our core values of love, unity, and creative expression.

By nurturing a diverse and inclusive roster of artists, we aim to create a lasting impact in the world of music and beyond. At JWP, we are not just a record label - we are a movement, driven by the unwavering belief that music has the power to change lives and make the world a better place.

Join us on our journey as we continue to spread love and inspiration through our music, one beat and one lyric at a time. Welcome to Just Works Productions.

Welcome to Just Works Productions